'Smarteness' is choosing to react properly to the world everytime😇  Clearly, smartness is also  choice and not necessarily something God gifted to some special people. Anyone who wants to can choose and be smart. P e r f e c t  P r e s e n t a t i o n E v … Continue reading Smartness


ख्वाइशें अधूरी हैं,क्योंकि मज़बुरी है मजबूरियां तुम्हारी,हमको सारी, सारी की सारी समझ आ गई  पर क्या तुम्हें हमारी  तुमको आसानी से समझ जाने की ये आदत  पसंद आ गयी ? (@^^)/~~~ Happy reading ! This is the commonest scenario I have "observed" between many couples and infact also in other relationships also...where demands when go … Continue reading मज़बूरी