Free lunch is a myth !

“Free lunch” we often hear this term but free lunchs are myth,they don’t exist in reality but thing is that…should they even exist? Can you digest if someone gets something for free?

Somewhere your heart will say “No” and “Yes” both. Well in that mayhem what my heart speaks is this that….

It’s all give and take going on together everywhere and neither ‘give’ nor ‘take’ can exist alone. Truth is even trust comes with price of “expectation” and even this life has been given to you with certain reason. Ironically Nothing is free and nothing ‘should’ be free also ideally.

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


17 thoughts on “Free lunch is a myth !

              1. No dear….!!! You always try to do Good for your family… And in return you only expect that they understand you….

                Sari dena
                Gift dena

                Ye sb to hum krte hai..
                And koi bura krta hai to we ignore and forget….

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                  1. Why getting so negative today….

                    You forget my mistakes
                    Your mom forget yours
                    You forget your sis dad mom

                    Everywhere you can see this..

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