Whenever I am on my menstruations

I am treated like person from another nation

Don’t take this natural process a red spot

It is just another God’s creation

I am already bleeding

This body ache is killing

With this untouchability 

Helpless I am feeling

Kitchen and temple are close

Pickles and papads are froze

Don’t know where to sit

As now I am considered impure

With in a second my charam go down

And all the negativity come around

This pain kills me from inside 

With your behavior my world go round and round


This pain kills me from inside 

With your behavior my world go round and round 

Well said miki👍👍

Honestly speaking! I don’t think such social stigmas can ever leave Indian society because these have become part and parcel of our culture…Treating natural things unnaturally,Is this at all human??

Keep scribbling miki

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


14 thoughts on “Menstruations…

  1. Again u hv raised one of the rarest topic, to be discussed upon…..

    Actually the words u hv used here are the truth (the bitter truth) of this so called modern society . . .

    The female actually suffers a lot during this very period, physically n mentally also as she is treated like an untouchable, which is actually irritating (mentally)……

    We all here need to raise our voice in this direction so she will get the proper value nd the right she deserves…….

    आइए बढाएँ कदम
    इक नारी के मान के लिए
    है ज़रूरी आज ये बहुत
    हर माँ के सम्मान के लिए

    कलम क्यों न उठे आज
    इक (बिटिया) नन्ही-सी जान के लिए
    आओ सभी,, पुकारे है बहना
    अपने चेहरे की मुस्कान के लिए……

    बातें तो करते बहुत हैं हम
    मातृभूमि की शान के लिए
    सभी हैं लिखते श्रेष्ठतम
    वतन की आन-बान के लिए

    आज इक बिटिया, इक बहना
    इक माँ का है केवल इतना ही कहना
    जैसे धारा चाहे है उन्मुक्त बहना
    मैं भी चाहूँ हूँ, सप्रेम सम्मान से रहना

    यदि अब भी ना दिया अधिकार इसे
    तो रोएगा ये बह्माण्ड (Universe) भी वरना
    चाहती नहीं और कुछ भी ये
    बस प्रेम और बेबाकी से रहते बहना

    जैसे है बहता इक सुन्दर सा झरना
    जैसे है बहता इक सुन्दर झरना
    बहता है जैसे इक सुन्दर, प्यारा ,न्यारा झरना……!!!

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      1. Yes off course
        It’s mine
        Kafi socha,🤔🤔🤔 fir prayaas Kiya likhne ka✍✍

        Bcoz the topic you chose, uske liye jitna b kaha jaye,, jitna b likha jaaye,✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍✍,, shaayad kum hi hota….
        That’s why tried my best bt succeeded writing only a bit for ur huge n grand thought…..

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        1. Oh… That’s nice…

          No no.. its very nice… The personification of waterfall with female is really nice…

          Thanks a lot…

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  2. The treatment of girls during menstruation shows the apathy of the Hindu society towards the females. However as far as I have experienced in this case most of the restrictions on women are by women itself. Though lots have been changed in homes, it is still a long way to go to get rid of the social stigma.

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    1. Yeah… Thats true….!!!
      Things Will change…. And soon it will….!!!

      Seems like you are completing your homework in one day….!!!

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