Mamma’s boy

One of my new traveling experience….

I use to travel alot… This time I met a girl of my age and same qualification. Having common life difficulty “marriage”

While having a good words with her on this very prominent topic 

Like joint family or nuclear family

Job or business

Working after marriage or not

she asked me a very different question…. mamma’s boy or not..

I think in all possible directions and reached to a conclusion

The person who understand and respect his mom and stand for her will definitely respect and give equal importance to his wife as well…

जो अपनी माँ की इज़्ज़त करता है और उनके दुःख सुख समझता है वो मज़ाक में भी अपनी पत्नी का उपहास नहीं करेगा और उसे भी उसका संपूर्ण सम्मान देगा ।

Do let me know if I am wrong or I need any corrections, in the comments section below….

And read an awesome scribble by warrior naina Mumma’s boy to know more about it..

Thanks & Regards


A very personal comment today…

Because I am completely Papa’s Princess…I can understand a mamma’s boy I guess.

And a general comment to this intresting question of miki..

A good man..Will be good son husband brother and father all…A bad man will be bad  at all relationship s I guess.

It is just like if you know to learn,you can learn anything…And if you know to be good,loyal,caringat any one relationship,you can be any..

So,I totally agree with your conclusion  miki.

Nice scribble

Keep scribbling

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


8 thoughts on “Mamma’s boy

  1. Very difficult topic once again. However I believe that all these factors for marriage are useless to ponder about as nothing matters much. The sole thing matters is the respect and love between couples which drive all other things

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    1. Well said… But. What i see is…
      Couples have enough of love among them… But respect for each other is less…

      Or i should correct respect for female is less…

      As he shouts in front of all….
      If female get delay in her work she have to hear for it without explaining the exact reason… And lot….!!!

      But the care and love also exists between them…

      I don’t like that particular thing….

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      1. It is also a fault of society and family as the boy is not taught how to behave with the wife. If you’d look in military traditions, the cadets there are taught specifically the manners infront of ladies

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