Seven Pilgrims

Amarnath got red 

Seven pilgrims had bloodshed

“Were those pilgrims actually sinners 

who got punished \(^o^)/

by more voilent sinners?”

Or shivji is punishing us all 

For collective sin (@^^)/~~~

Of killing humanity

Terrorist were killers 

But killed was humanity

With rains and noise

This season began •̀.̫•́✧

Savan the season of greenery 

‘New’ hope , ‘New’ blessings 

Though confused(ノ´∀`*) in red fog?

Yes it began 

Yes it began (^_-)-☆

PS : Written after yesterday’s terror attack news where militants open fired a bus full of pilgrims going to Amarnath and seven of them died : News link  and all this happened on very first day of holy month of hindus called Savan. Amarnath is a pilgrimage of hindus located in India and Shiva is the God to whom this holy place is devoted.

Happy reading readers 

Yours loving warrior


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