Man of my dreams

(Writer of this post : unknown)

The man of my dreams
Hey you..

i don’t know who u are

So that i could google u..

I don’t know how u look like

So that i could imagine those lovestory characters to be us..

I don’t know if u r dreaming about me too

So that i could find u somewhere there..

I wish i met u already..

I wish i could share it all wid u..

I wish i had ur hand to hold when I am scared

I wish I had those arms to hug when I am low

I wish you were here to share feelings wid..
I don’t need the charming prince..

I just need somebody to understand..

I don’t need the glass footwear..

I just need u by my side..

I don’t need the knight in shining armour..

I just need those arms to hug..

I just need a tale of my own..

I always wished to have..

Don’t let me wait more..

It’s been long already..

Enlighten me soon..
I don’t want the whole sun..

I just believe i can turn the ray to one

(PS : A girl has sent me this scribble and  she wanted me to add this one to our blog without disclosing her name. Anyone who wants me to upload something here can email me your scribble anytime at naina…I will try to upload your scribble here👍)

Some lines matched to my imagination of Mr.somone. But I am sure about one thing…I don’t want to google you , I would love to be surprised..I don’t want to dream about you…I will make our life like dream..

No expectations and No wait..

Whoever and whenever you come Mr. Someone.. Don’t worry at all…. I will sync to you like no one else and also make you sync to me😉 !

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


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