शादी या मज़ाक ?

ये उन लोगो के लिए जो शादी का मजाक बनाते हैं।

Today again I received a joke on wife and life of married people…

I got upset …. And this version of mine come out

क्यों शादी का मजाक बनाते हो

और अकेले इंसान को क्यों नहीं अपनाते हो

नारी अगर कुँवारी तो चक्कर है उसका

अगर तलाकशुदा तो परित्यक्ता का कलंक लगाते हो 

हर पल शर्मसार करते हो अपने पवित्र रिश्ते को
और गर्व से दुनियां के आगे इस बात को बतलाते हो

खुद में हिम्मत नहीं अपने परिवार को संभालने की

आज के युवा को इस बात का एहसास अपने चुटकुलों से खुद ही करवाते हो

If marriage is bliss then why people keep on making fun of it in memes and jokes…
If it is an important part of human life then why to make fun of such a blessing…
शादी पर मज़ाक बनाने की वजह से आज का युवा live in relationship की ओर आकर्षित हो रहा है  जिसका परिणाम और भी भयावहः है ।


Trolling is bad in general no doubt…It creates laughter for one and feeling of shame and irritation for other.

However,I am not completely against humor…It is a must ingredient for daily life struggle…I am the person who mostly forward jokes😁.

As far as marriage related jokes are concerned,as far as they don’t create a high prestige related fuss..They are ok can be entertained but if someone seriously creates such thing to underestimate women…I am completely on Miki’s side.

Coming to the point you raised about youth getting more into living in relationship…To them I would say guys…Grow up from being kid to youths in true sense..Make wise opinions…Understand difference between jokes and reality…Stay light but have gravity..We have to run this world yaar.

And to trollers what should I say to hopeless ones …Karte raho troll aur koi kaam to hai nai to kar lo..Par yaar ho sake to innocent logo ko paresaan mat karo…Isse achaa chain ki neend lo..Araam karo…Kya faltu ke kaam karte ho.

Again a nice scribble miki

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



6 thoughts on “शादी या मज़ाक ?

  1. Shadi bhi jivan ka ek hissa hai.. jo zaroori hai…
    Ispe mazak sirf isliye banae jate hai kuki ye jivan thoda mushkil hai.. ise mazak me le kr thodi khushi mil jati hai…. Bs…

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  2. Dear miki,
    A wonderful and thought provoking poem. Nevertheless I strongly disagree with your thoughts regarding jokes. Jokes are stress busters in our daily lives. Most of the times we take out our frustration of our day to day life through jokes which releases our pressure and help us to behave in much better way as the bitterness usually goes away. Though as naina said, humour should be such that it doesn’t hurt someone’s sentiments.

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    1. I agree…. But why we have 80% jokes on marriage….!! One or two is good…. 50% can be considered… But 80% I personally don’t like this….!!

      Because marriage is only thing considered so important in a person’s life which is always taken as joke

      So.. first respect the life you are living then ask other to accept your life….

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      1. Most of the jokes on marriage are because marriage is certainly stressful despite of everything and making fun of something doesn’t mean that we are disrespectful. And there are jokes on both on males and females, so just relax and Enjoy the banter and take them in lighter vein. Being married for long I can say that those jokes are enjoyed alike by husbands and wives.

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