​Guru is aspiration, Guru is inspiration: Guru Purnima

India being a multi religious country follows many different rules, beliefs, culture, scriptures etc. For example Hindu’s goes to temple, have beliefs in lord Shiv, lord Krishna etc, and follow the rules of holy books like Ramanaya, Mahabharata etc. similarly Sikh’s goes to Gurudwara, have beliefs in Gurunanak Sahab, Gurugovid Singh etc, and follows the rules of holy book Gurugranth , Muslim’s goes to mosques and follows the rules of holy book Quran, Christian’s goes to church, have beliefs in Jesus and follows the rules of Bible. But besides of being many differences there is one common belief in all realigns is to follow the perching of Guru or Teacher. From ancient times guru is given a special and important place in anyone’s life it is because guru is light, guru is wisdom who makes the complicated life wonderful with his or her teachings. There is a saying in Hindi which describes the importance of guru directly “Guru Govind do khade kake lagu paye , Guru balihari apki Govind diyo bataye”. 

To mark tribute and be thankful towards teachers India recognizes 5th September as teachers day. The day is commemorated as the birthday of Late Dr. S. Radhakrishnan who was a great teacher who has contributed a lot towards education and he was the 2nd president of independent India. Words of Dr. Radhakrishnan “instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my privilege if 5th September is observed as Teacher’s day” brought the concept of teachers day celebration since 1962 when some of his students came up to celebrate his birthday. The day to honor teachers for their contribution arose not before mid 20th century. But the question arises that is before 20th century no day was meant for honoring teachers or guru? No it’s not so. 

India from early times has always witnessed great spiritual guru as well as academic guru and they have always been admired and honored. Our ancestors like us have not failed to mark a day specially meant for gurus. Guru Purnima is age old fest day which comes in month of Ashadha(June or July) to pay tribute to gurus. Traditionally the day was celebrated by Buddhists in respect to Lord Buddha who gave his first lecture at Sarnath, Uttar Pradesh on this day, in mythologies the day is recoganised as the occasion when Lord Shiva became the first guru as he began to spread yoga to Saptarishis but the authentic basis of reorganization of the day is in honor of the great Saint Ved Vyasa who is the author of Mahabharata and wrote 4 Vedas. It is said that saint was not only born on this day but also have started writing the Brahma Sutras. For that reason the day is also said as Vyasa Purnima and the day was accepted as Guru Shishiya tradition.      

Historical evidences and believes are of no use till it is being applied in the busy scenario. There are people who keep these evidences alive through some celebrations but unfortunately there are many who laugh at such celebration with the saying “why to devote one day when we can devote it daily”. Simple answer to their argument is that we need such days to bring out some time for them from our busy life or the celebration is required to express our gratitude without fail. Gratitude is a quality embedded in us that we often forget to express and may be therefore the special occasions are made so that we can express our feeling entirely to the one. 

Neha Asawa. 

Happy guru purnima neha.

A good read for today✌

And I loved the last para which highlights the relevance of showing gratitude.

Keep scribbling angel

Yours loving warrior


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