शादी या मज़ाक ?

ये उन लोगो के लिए जो शादी का मजाक बनाते हैं। Today again I receive a joke on wife and life of married people... I got upset .... And this version of mine come out क्यों शादी का मजाक बनाते हो और अकेले इंसान को क्यों नहीं अपनाते हो नारी अगर कुँवारी तो चक्कर है … Continue reading शादी या मज़ाक ?

​Guru is aspiration, Guru is inspiration: Guru Purnima

India being a multi religious country follows many different rules, beliefs, culture, scriptures etc. For example Hindu’s goes to temple, have beliefs in lord Shiv, lord Krishna etc, and follow the rules of holy books like Ramanaya, Mahabharata etc. similarly Sikh’s goes to Gurudwara, have beliefs in Gurunanak Sahab, Gurugovid Singh etc, and follows the … Continue reading ​Guru is aspiration, Guru is inspiration: Guru Purnima