Confusion controversy

I want to know what exactly marriage is & What is perfect age of marriage…??

For me marriage is not only a thing need to “वंश को आगे बढ़ाना” rather it like having a companion with a commitment that he/she will never leave until the death make apart. 

And you can find your soulmate at any age.. early teens or late 60s and 70s or anywhere in the middle of your life’s journey…

If it is like this. Then why marriage is preferred between 18 to 30 and why one male can marry many females but vice versa is not allowed…??
Let me know I am right or wrong in the coment section and make my views clear regarding marriage… 

Thanks & Regards

Virus _miki

  • Was any age perfect ever?For marriage or for anything…Was anything perfect ever?
  • Companion with a commitment..I already have two companions….My shadow and my God….Is that not sufficient??
  • Soulmate..Is my soul alone not complete? I feel completeness sometimes..Do soulmates exist..Or concept of soulmate is also like superhero?
  • Not only polygandry,Polygamy is also not allowed I guess in hinduism

I hardly can tell you…Whether you are wrong or right..But I appreciate you are thinking about it…Because I often meet people who think after they have gone through things.

Well all I can say is all based on my experience uptill now…

Nothing is right or wrong in this world.. Everything is relative..All definations and all the perfect times are relative..It’s all about what you believe is true and all about what you trust is true✌. Stick to yourself and flow with time👌 Someone probably writes us directs us…Or may be we yourself do that by doing our karma.

We sometimes should stop thinking much and just trust ourselves,trust our loved ones and most importantly trust a future us who is logical enough to make a bright future for self and so sometimes we need to enjoy the present💓 without worrying future 

Like the image I added..Love is terrible thing to hate..May be nothing(even marriage) does not deserves hatered by us without having a first handed experience of it…..And at what age soulmate comes is destiny 👍and on a lighter note needs to keep the door open..Only then someone can come😜..

And about society..Why do we need to explain our choices to them.Let they speak anything..Who cares.

And about parents although they make best choices for us all we “should” do is trust them.. Although going contrary may also be correct but then we should have guts to keep trusting ourselves more….Now here I should stay mum.

Keep scribbling miki

Happy reading readers

When too much controversy and confusion happens.. all you can do is take long breathes..say go to hell you confusion…Which ever path my feet will choose is going to be best..I say this because even when I don’t know my path or destiny or destination but I say this because I know my feet

Yours loving warrior


51 thoughts on “Confusion controversy

  1. Wel said warrior….

    Rather I gone through all your explanation… The best one is… First open your heart and let other come…

    So second thing go to hell you confusion…

    Let’s leave all.. and enjoy the present ….


  2. So before jumping on the wagon think wisely and do what your instinct says. Marry, but never for the societal needs of needing a husband to take you through. I watched the video of independent woman on your time line and I fully agree with the views there. This holds true even for men. Men should also understand that marriage is not about getting a maid or someone to the bed. It’s about having a companion to walk along

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  3. Marriage is about having a Soulmate with whom you can feel the warmth and can be yourself. For me any relationships should be free and enjoyable. If someone is not comfortable then they should not be forced

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                1. Well… Our society that’s the perfect age… I will not say bal vivah… I will say perfect vivah….😉😉😀😀😁

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  4. Gone through all your views.. All your reasons for getting married… What if someone is not interested in marriage…??

    But what exactly marriage is…??

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    1. Good that you ask. I believe the decision to marry is one of the biggest decision in life and its definition varies from person to person. Some marry for social pressure, some for love, some for commitment, some for sex and most of them don’t know the reason why they are even marrying. So defining marriage is a tough task as it differs from person to person

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  5. Also regarding your question of why a man is allowed to have multiple wife when a woman has not. I agree with you completely over that and as per me both have equal rights and responsibilities towards the relationship.

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  6. A very sensible and yet a sensitive issue . I truly agree with you that one can find Soulmate at every age and marriage is much more than a mechanism for producing babies.
    But why the preferred age is 18-30 you ask. Well as per me the age bracket you have given is deemed to be perfect has both scientific and logical backing. The age is the time when we are at our peak, whether it is mentally, physically or social point of perspective. The struggle after marriage for adjustment is a quite taxing for every couple regardless of the time they have known each other, unless and until they were living in live in. So at later age the ability to adjust to suffers a bit. Physically speaking this is 25 – 35 is the best age for a body to enjoy the sensuous pleasures. Even if the child bearing may not be the motive of marriage, the gift of progeny is one of the most beautiful gift one can have and after the age of 30 it becomes very difficult to deliver a baby due to life style changes in our society. Now coming to social issues- a child born to parents of age 40 will be of 20 years of age at his/her parents retirement meaning he’d still be dependent on them for livelihood

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