Last day

It was a golden evening,Birds were singing

Water was bouncing,Sky was blinking

Air was playing,Trees were dressing

Earth was grooming,And I was leaving……

I was surrounded by many

My voice can’t be heard by any

Leaving towards my destiny

What to do now, It was an agony

The fake cry was loud and clear

My whole, so called family was near

I was lying down on earth

Their eyes were full of tear

With tearful eyes and so soft hands they removed my cloth

Never showed love while alive they Washed my body with lots of froth

Just because it was ritual They burned else they had left me for moth

And then to show off tons of love all of them took a fake oath

For day one or two they miss me for property

Later on I become a passed on memory

At times with lawyer they keep on remembering me

Then I started dwelling in their story


For images I would like to thank google first search request

Last day

Bitter truth perfectly expressed

It makes me rethink and imagine my last day…I don’t want this one..

I want only few to surround me that very day…Not fake but real ones who really want to say goodbye.

Hope I manage that.

👌Nice scribble miki

Happy reading readers 

Yours loving warrior


6 thoughts on “Last day

    1. True to be loved by all… But as soon as the person is dead, he become body and relationship over….

      More over its first version was very positive towards life…

      Then while writing I thought the second aspect of it…. And this come out

      If we say old people behave like kids then why thr are old age homes more than orphanage home….???

      Because we expect grown ups to behave mature
      But with kids we forgive all faults….

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