Chocolate leaf

Chocolate leaf You can Use this chocolate leaf in garnishing.... Ingredients:- chocolate and some more chocolate. You can use any chocolate available in market. Tool:- Leaf {money plant or rose} 1 spoon 1 bowl 1 utensil filled with water for making double boiler Steps:- 1. Melt your choclate using double boiler {it can be of any … Continue reading Chocolate leaf


पहले तो ये सोसाइटी एक लड़की को इस दुनिया में आने नहीं देती।  अगर गलती से आ गई तो पढ़ने नहीं देती अगर पढ़ लिख ली तो नौकरी नहीं करने देती अगर नौकरी कर ली तो उसकी शादी हो जाती है फिर घर की उल्जहनो में वो खुद ही समर्पित हो जाती है इतना त्याग … Continue reading नारित्व..

Confusion controversy

I want to know what exactly marriage is & What is perfect age of marriage...?? For me marriage is not only a thing need to "वंश को आगे बढ़ाना" rather it like having a companion with a commitment that he/she will never leave until the death make apart.  And you can find your soulmate at … Continue reading Confusion controversy