Move to the goal

Alone, alone, all alone
One comes on this earth
And then all alone
One has to show his worth

To this cruel world

is an ignorant
Would teach him few things
While he is an infant

Speak he can’t
and neither can walk

would find his feet
and sooner he’d talk

The fight with the world
is incessantly on
Though it is the prep
And sooner it’ll be dawn

The toddler home held till now
Now trots up to the school

many like him
All to be wise from being fool

During the learning he acquire traits
the character, the will
prejudices and hatred too
And thus starts the thrill

So in the books and studies
In quick friendship and petty quarrels

by chaos and ice creams

them, it melts

Hence the childhood is vanished
wiped out is innocence
and instilled is what many call
a typical common sense

Thorn now begin to appear
On this blooming flower

to fit the big shoes
But not far from that hour

Until now which was inwards
shows itself out
The Growth is phenomenal

ready for the bout

Coming of the teen years
is a revelation
Enthusiasm and happiness
forms new sensation

The youth now has the force
to change things all around

need to wake up
from sleep so profound

On his mighty shoulders
lies the responsibility

propel ahead the nation
with honesty and integrity

Skill he has acquired

to bring them fore
Though not stopping at this
but willing to acquire more

Mistakes he may commit
Human as he is
Nut learnings and experience
he’ll never miss

Should move to destiny

all milestones
and should treat both

and failures bygones

But who is to tap
the infinite source of power
the answer to this question
is need of the hour

Young are we

are our ambitions

taking lead
Its the proposition

Throw away the cloak
of insipid virulity

the flag

the responsibility

Get Charged up
awaken your soul

out of haze

move to the goal

Every para of your poem describes an important step and phase of a journey of every man.

There were so many wow moments 💕👏👌when I read it…so instead of quoting, I have made them BOLD.

Keep scribbling Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


14 thoughts on “Move to the goal

  1. Its nice the way you explained….

    But through out the poem I feel the kid or human is not alone…. !!

    Hum aate hai do logo ki wjh se
    Sikhte hai sbhi se
    Nibhate hai kuch se
    Rishte banate hai anjano se

    So no one is alone ….. Bina kisi k saath yaa sanidhy k hum nahi reh skte….

    We live in world of togetherness…..
    No one is alone here

    Liked by 2 people

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