When I saw him for the first

I thought it was again a lust

With a formal introduction

We started to trust

I started enjoying his company slowly

And Our friendship grows gradually

It begins with social media followed by various apps

Moving towards whole day calls and chit chats

Soon their was change in scenarios

And our hearts become stereo

We started flowing in each others music

And were waiting for right time to speak

But this was not okay with fate

And my family don’t want me to get late

They asked me to settle with good guy they arranged

As it was a matter of whole life so my opinion change

I call my friend(him) and ask

Shall I wait or move apart

He said i need time it will be nice if you wait

Without any proposal I trusted OUR fate

From that one day we are friends

Waiting for each other till the end…

Let’s see what is written in our destiny

But love will remain same till eternity


Inspired from prankies 600 LOP {lines of poem}


Such a brilliant word and more brilliantly it actually works.

Like your poem began, most stories of eternity begins when we are unaware…..And the sweetest part comes in between…and a little difficult part comes later when we have to trust our fate…But best thing is stories of eternity don’t end,they keep going,form change with time,but those stories keep goingEndlessly…Some stories of eternity…Go parallel and never meet…Some are lucky enough to find an intersection point but the thing is stories of eternity are endless….And happiest and coziest๐Ÿ’•

Keep scribbling miki

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


18 thoughts on “Eternity…

                    1. You know that… He mailed me… !! I think you should ask hi…. He said you also read but in parts… Not in sequence….!!!

                      Liked by 1 person

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