Colors talk

Once all color had fight and they started proving that “I am the best”

White color said i am color of peace so i am the best of all…

Green said I am color of nature so i am best

Red speak I am color of love i am best

Why blue will behind I am color of boy hood

Pink àlso shouted I am color of girl hood

Yellow can’t sit quite I am color of fire 

Each one started fighting for own.. And started proving best….

Finally black arrives and said “I can absorb all of you in me” AND all become silent…

Same is with God and all religion

All religion keep on showing and proving one self best and in this situation, humanity and God lost somewhere in mid way…!!! 

But GOD is black… That have all religion or I can say only one religion. HUMANITY….

Comment your views regarding my imagination…!!


‘Black’ which represent negativity and reminds me of the racism when I read such incidences.Black also reminds me of blindness and the scary night with no moon…Black is the color college girls wear to show attitude.

But miki by calling ‘God’ as ‘Black’…..You just touched my heart…

Your imagination and scribble today is peaceful👌 and I really liked the way you began ‘Colours fight’

Keep scribbling miki 

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


10 thoughts on “Colors talk

  1. My reason to call black GOD was the same… Why to take it negative when it has the best quality of absorbing everything….!!! Which on one else possess except The Almighty…

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  2. Fantastic Interpretation dear..
    And Black is one of the most mysterious and misunderstood colour. A thing which absorbs all is shown as evil whereas which reflects other colours and have nothing of it is treated as best, showing the mentality of the society which cares more for the outer appearences than the inwards quality

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