Good bye, yes let it be

Go where you want to go

And it was not nice meeting you

For me though

For you reinforced

My thoughts about men

Fake care, brittle ego

Who loves to berate women

You labeled me with names

Though you didn’t say it aloud

But in your eyes I saw

The suspicions cloud

You didn’t want comparison

And competition you don’t seek

It’s not my fault then

Coz your, not mine, love is weak

You were not second option

You just came late

But this is karma I think

My bloody heartless fate.

You of all, I thought

Would understand my situation

But with me, you too failed

To live upto expectations

I was young and gullible

Fell into his seductive trap

He played with my body

For me love he never had

He broke my heart

You tore into my soul

He hurt me in parts

You annihilated me whole

I was wrong, always wrong

To challenge the wisdom old

There can’t be a woman noble

If she is open and bold.

If Lord Shri Ram can desert

Mata Sita, so upright

How I thought, I’d

Be spared of the plight

He took away my virginity

I’m still alive with that

You just killed my sincerity

I’m as much as dead.

“You were not second option..You just came late”

How perfectly you have described girl’s emotion Prankies👌👌

Keep scribbling

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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