Writer of this post : Prankies

(The speaks about a guy who had manhandled a girl few days ago in the same train and somehow he gets molested by few people)

It was a crowded compartment

But it was the last train

I had to board it now

As I was late again

I felt something crawling

Onto my waist

Someone muffled my voice

Before I could protest

Four pairs of hands

Groped me in the crowd

And while I was still shocked

On a station they got out

Humiliated and disgraced

I felt so dead inside

In just over fifteen minutes

They stomped away my pride

A scene from the flashback

Started to play

The train was the same

But going another way

A girl of two and twenty

Boarded the train

And holding things heavy

In both of her hands

A guy creepingly got behnd

And started to Fondle

Keep your mouth shut

And ENJOY, you bitchy girl

The girl tried hard

But couldn’t get free

Neither she could muster

The courage to flee

And when the guy

Got down on his station

One could see the sparks

In his eyes, the passion

Those same pair of eyes

Felt like raped today

For I was the same guy

Got taste of my medicine today

Good job Prankies.
The message is clear…The worsts crimes can be explained to the criminals only if they are somehow put to that situation.

I wish such incidences stop and people behind all this somehow return to humanity and realise what they do can someday happen to them or their closed ones also.

Keep scribbling Prankies

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


9 thoughts on “Raped…

  1. I am reading this again and again but… Feeling like some thing is missing… I don’t know what… But… Something

    Could you clear me the last 4-5 lines….!!! As i am unable to connect it with flow…!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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