Virgin – 3

May be he was clear until now

May be he took straight paths until now

May be he had seen  no breakups

Because may be he never got in any relationship

A good boy,a good son 

He remained constant in his family friends and career so deep

He never took any escape or leave

May be therefore he wanted his girl also to be perfect

May be that’s why he expected her to be a virgin

Because he also dreamed of her dream girl waiting for him 

Like him he thought she was on right track

He wanted a life and right decisions

And wanted her to do the same

Only mistake was he expected so much from her

Even without knowing her

But that’s what happens with a perfect man or woman

When he heard about her past and virginity

He was shocked and thought, why me,why is this my destiny

She has slept with someone else earlier

Will she be able to accept me now

Or will she compare with her past when I take her charge from now 

He didn’t wanted to be compared

He didn’t wanted to become a second option

The man in anger and frustration

How could he not discharge his anger

He said “no need 

I can’t accept you

Bye! It was nice meeting you”

And he left the place

She sat crying thinking her fate 

Just tried a new angle in miki’s series virgin.

Some times culprit is not the only culprit…He has his own correct reasons.

Comment your opinions.

Happy reading 

yours loving warrior


19 thoughts on “Virgin – 3

  1. Comparison is always done between two similar together and compatible person….

    Her ex and her present can never be compared if he had accepted her… But now she will surely compare… As he was also the same…..

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  2. If he truly love her… Then he should accept her in whole… No one is perfect….

    His rejection again prove that her choice was wrong

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  3. Let me continue the conversation from girl’s side

    Good bye, yes let it be
    Go where you want to go
    And it was not nice meeting you
    For me though

    For you reinforced
    My thoughts about men
    Fake care, brittle ego
    Who loves to berate women

    You labeled me with names
    Though you didn’t say it aloud
    But in your eyes I saw
    The suspicions cloud

    You didn’t want comparison
    And competition you don’t seek
    It’s not my fault then
    Coz your, not mine, love is weak

    You were not second option
    You just came late
    But this is karma I think
    My bloody heartless fate.

    You of all, I thought
    Would understand my situation
    But with me, you too failed
    To live upto expectations

    I was young and gullible
    Fell into his seductive trap
    He played with my body
    For me love he never had

    He broke my heart
    You tore into my soul
    He hurt me in parts
    You annihilated me whole

    I was wrong, always wrong
    To challenge the wisdom old
    There can’t be a woman noble
    If she is open and bold.

    If Lord Shri Ram can desert
    Mata Sita, so upright
    How I thought, I’d
    Be spared of the plight

    He took away my virginity
    I’m still alive with that
    You just killed my sincerity
    I’m as much as dead.

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