Not a Virgin!!, I repeated

Aghast, in my mind

Though outwards difficult

For me was an expression to find

Innocent and cute she was

To me when she first met

Oh God! love was in my fate

From a girl so unchaste

All the moments with her

Happily I had spent

And a simple truth about her

All castles turned to sand

Mr Hyde in me was having

A boisterous hysterical laugh

And was dominating brusquely

The mellow other half

He kept shouting and screaming

Adding insults to her

Calling her names so livid

Which I found impossible to utter

And at moment such as this

Dr jekyll found his voice

And his clever and witty rebuttals

Took Hyde for a surprise

I still remember the day

When together we sat

And for surreal hours

We had those lovely chats

You felt an instant care

In her tender voice

And to her chatter

Could feel positive vibes

The time together you spent

Were best time you ever had

And days without her

Were always sad

It was not only that

With you she was for fun

But even when you were down

She helped you often

Now to you, a question

I’m forced to ask

And this will do nothing

But have you unmasked

Were it the luscious lips

Or her genial smile

Which had captivated

You all this while

Was it her soul

Which you sincerely loved

Or for her body

Was this basal lust

Did to your soul

She make a connect

Or you like a useless git

Were busy looking her vital stats

She told you all about

Her lost virginity

Just because she had

Trust in your emphatic ability

Was she an infidel

Wouldn’t she had it hidden

Rather than telling you

Which might cost this relation

And let me tell you

One thing for sure

She was not wrong then ( while she slept with him)

Nor now is she impure

It is her body and

 her bloody decision

And with him not you

 she was in relation

And it might be a mistake

On her judgement part

Still she told you all

About the dismal past

Don’t pity on her

For her pleading face

Or accept her just because

Her tears you can’t face

Her love is valuable

And surely a heavenly gift

And you should choose it only

When for it you consider yourself fit

When you truly love her

And her past doesn’t matter

And you two strive hard

To make life mutually better

With these words jekyll

Gave rest to his voice

And Hyde was getting small

Looking like a novice

With a smile I opened

My arms for a hug

Her tears drenched the shoulders

Mine( tears) ruined her make-up

Gazing in her eyes

Holding up her chin

I love you i said

Much more than ever been


Such a sweet reply to complement series started by miki.

Mr. Hyde or Mr.jekyll who wins arguments for you?Just think

Happy reading readers

Keep s

18 thoughts on “Virgin-2

    1. Yeah this is ideally correct. Your poem got me to write four poems in different perspective. This shows how a good topic and a receptive audience can do to a dormant poet😂. Thanks to both of you

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  1. This is such an awesome lines….!! I keep on reading this again and again….from yesterday its almost my 10-12 times….!!! I don’t know why I am reading this again and again…. But this is really the best reply I can ever had…!!!👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

    Liked by 2 people

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