Today I just want to share my worst traveling experience till now…

Being a girl I faced many awkward and weird situations while traveling, but this left a very big impact on my mind or I can say my brain stopped working.

I was standing near the door because the train was over loaded as always…

Two random guy came they looked me from top to bottom as expected but now I am so much use to it that it doesn’t make any sense for me.

Then they talked to each other and said. “यार पहले देख लेते तो ज्यादा अच्छा होता” and some more words which I found  uncomfortable to write, then after few minutes they went away in search of some eatables.

I tried to ignore them but gussa to aa hi raha tha….!!

Many thoughts came in my mind and were fighting with each other then two kids entered the same place and an innocent voice entered my ears and I was awestruck “मैंने उस लड़के का लोलिपोप चूसा तो वो मेको 20 रुपये दिया । तेको कितना मिला ” 

I was blank…. And tried to analyse.. then things strick in my mind… So the kids commented on two guys and lolipop…Was the worst word ever heard… Neither the comment was in me.. nor I was the victim … But still I was blank thinking at what directions our society is going.

Hope you guys are able to connect


Nonsense exist everywhere around…We just need to become bold like lotus.

We need to learn “self defense”. I think this is the solution to shut mouth of these road side shits.

Dear society, Like the cooking classes make this self defense classes available to us..

We keep mouth shut and turn blank thinking how will we face then…Let’s learn self defense and then shut everyone’s mouth… Boldness is a solution I guess 

Happy reading readers

A needed share miki✌🙄

Keep scribbling

Yours loving warrior


14 thoughts on “Blank

  1. Self defense is a temporary solution…. Aur ye b tb tk hi help krega jb tk hum haar ni maan jate… What if jb hum self defense krne ki situation me hi naa ho…!!! Think something big… And suddenly kaha marti mai us time.. Agr wo ldke muje train se hi niche fek dete to… Self defense kaa to the end…!!!

    So it is just a temporary solution to avoid things…!!
    Permanently we need to think some thing else… Even i don’t know ki kya solution hoga… But muje to lgta hai ki maa apne bete ko smjae aur education hi ek way hai sb ko sahi krne kaa…!! A proper humanity education… Not this so called job oriented education

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    1. Correct humanity taught by society family and school is the ideal solution.

      But more practical solution is all the female population learn self defense…First let’s become bold yaar..And then we will inspire other girls who have lesser resources…

      Not everyone will understand things…Some need to be taught by sticks.

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        1. Though we are only 940 over 1000 males today in India ( census 2011)..But 940 kali, durga can heal the situation at domestic and social levels both…Only more belief,more self confidence and less bowing to male domination is required….Get influenced by them if they are correct…Stop getting dominated..We are wo’man’..We have 2 letters more than man.

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          1. I know some of self defense but I didn’t find any place to use it…. Because utho or maaro aisa ni hota… You have to think about consequences… Because ladna akele hi hai … Koi bachane bhi nahi aaega

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  2. This was certainly a horrid incident Miki. The perverts in our society are taking their sinful lust to another level. In order to satiate themselves, they are not at all feeling ill in corrupting the young and innocent. Thank you dear for sharing such an incidence so that we must brace ourselves for a thoughtful vigil on elements like these and keep a check on them.

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