Acid attack

I was passionate girl he was a cool boy

Each others company we begin to enjoy

Slowly for me he become a cloy

He try to come close which made me annoy

One day he proposed me I said no

Somewhere it hurted his male ego

He shouted who is my father you don’t know

Just wait here, to you, I will show

  • 😯{After few days}😎

On the road I was looking for a cab

Suddenly a bike parked at my back

Something started simmering over my head

Oh my God it was an ACID ATTACK

I cried I shouted I scream

My outrage was extreme

Everyone saw this scene

But no one was in my team

My looks became very strange

Still I thought of taking revenge

I fought with everyone who came in my range

Still the scenarios didn’t change

Sad revenge

tried many times to put him in jail

But I was a star fish he was a whale

My full effort I inhale

From here and there he got the bail

He was living his life happily

I had to hide in my home’s gallery

My brain was storming heavily

I threw acid on his face bravely

Now see the law and rule

I became a big fool

I was behind the bars

And media made him super cool


Harsh reality 😢

Acid..Were we born to act so harsh???

How can such crimes be stopped…Kindly comment your views.

Keep scribbling miki

Well written👌

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


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