Happy bday khabri !

An absent minded person like me, someone who is always lost in her own world definitely require a news keeper friend…who can keep her in the real world…Well! God gave me you to keep in real world.

Above all what I like about you the most is you have a heart of gold….I have seen you facing things alone,I have seen you doing for people like anything….You are awesome blossom wonderful super fantastic person I have ever met on the planet earth…Anyone with you will not get bored for sure.I am always entertained when I be with you.

You have fantastic people in your life..Your mom and of course such a sweet hubby…For everyone you are really special..All I want to make you feel special on this special day of yours. Be awesome😙

And when chotu khabri grows he is going to get a world best mom. What I have learnt from you is never leave your friend in a need…Afterall friend in need is friend in deed…In my all needs,in my all deeds…I want you always…I may have infinite people around but your place will be yours forever💕.

Lots of love ruchi..

Itni taarif to shayad pehli baar ki hogi maine tere mu pe teri, we usually keep pulling each other’s leg….But you truly deserve this..

Stay blessed and never leave my life

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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