Letter from a strong daughter 


Dear Papa,

Today I met a guy who said I am strong. Exactly the way you wanted me to be strong!! A strong girl who puts her voice above all,who never steps back no matter what the situation is. You remember when I was a kid and whenever I got hurt you would say strong girls never cry and at once I stopped crying. Since then the for me the definition for a strong women is one who never cries!! I don’t cry. But Papa you did not teach me how to deal with people who betray me or how to deal with ‘friends’ who use me like a tissue paper and never appreciate the softness but will throw away once you’re stained.

Nobody noticed the broken heart behind the strong mouth because I don’t shed tears and I speak my heart.

But still I am your proud daughter because you always taught me to be a lady of my words and not to be obscure at heart. Trust me I’ll be like that strong kite which flies high up in the sky against the wind because I know back on km9.  pPlp0p0ll ground you’ll always be there holding my string and protecting me against all odds!!

Yours always                                         

A strong daughter ❤

Now I know who has made nazia strong.

Proud of you my 😜strong daughter also😙✌

Remain as you are..Stay blessed Nazo.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior



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