And to that altar of friendship, obliged my head I bow!

(Writer of this post : Prankies)

Relations there are many
But special are few
And though old they grow
They feel always as new
And those special ones
Might be too far
Even tete e tete with them
Is often so sparse
They’ll still be our part
As in heart they reside
And whatever we do
With us they are in stride
Though we say always
That we’re good and fine
Only these fidus achates
Can read between the lines
And through your armor
They’ll find the chink
And could easily get
That all is not pink
Those x ray eyes
Will heal you too
For much they are
Worried for you.
And in an instant
You’ll be at ease
Will be blessed by
A subtle inner peace
The upheavals you have
And that mind so agitated
They would calm all
And you’ll feel satiated
Hours we can put in
Talking to the them
And , just a minute, we feel
we have spent
And Akin a year
Sometimes weighs,
When they are away,
Those miserable days
Those selfless friends
We acknowledge so rare
And seldom we take cognizance
Of their efforts and care
To that altar of friendship
Obliged, my head I bow
And show my gratitude
Insufficient they are though

Gratitude❤ is coming out so well Prankies👌👌👌

Keep scribbling

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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