Live-in relationship…

He touched me for the first time

And our love begin to shine

It was a beautiful crime

He treat me like his hime {princess}

At that moment we were mime

And our heart begin to rhyme

Our love started to chime 

It was like a hangover of love wine

Suddenly the time change

Things being to rearrange

He hit me again and again

Our love became very strange

He broke my trust

He said it was a lust

I had baby in my womb

He shout that I got rust

No one give me helping hand

My spine begin to bend

Not a small hope left for me

And this is how two life end

  For images I would like to thank google and all the top search results in google… 


Sad story but I wish It was a warrior story.

Last para should be :

No one gave me helping hand 

So,I finally decided to myself stand

For my baby I had to stand

That inspiration, “my baby” was enough

To make me both 

a strong mom and a strong dad.

And as far as Live-in relationships are concerned, they can be good enough only if the no commitment concept is clear on both ends…If you expect commitment there,marriage is a better option.

Good topic raised miki

Keep scribbling

Yours loving warrior


32 thoughts on “Live-in relationship…

  1. Here my view is quite different from the author warrior naina,,
    For u both r same, bt for me marriage is much better than this so called r’ship live -in,,
    Bcoz usme koi b zimmedari Lene Ko taiyaar nhi hota h,,
    Ab jb do log sath hain to its quite obvious ki unki life me kuch sweet moments aayenge hi,, bt jb kuch b bitter hone lgta h, sbse pehle the male wants to get detached first,, why bcoz he don’t want to keep any of the responsibilities….

    So what’s the future for the girl who came for the person (selfish person) leaving her family , her world…..
    Bt in a committed/married life, he is compelled enough to take all the responsibilities towards her…..
    So, for me, ek female k point of view se, one has to get committed, bt only wid the person who cares actually for her, nd keep all the promises nd responsibilities,, is much much n much better……..!!!

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    1. She said that earlier…. No need of responsibilities….!!! She or he both are individually responsible for their own good and bad…!!

      Dono hi sb chord kr aae hai. . to unki life me jo ho raha hai uske liye wo khud responsible hai naa ki dusra person….!!!

      Well… Dono is commitment k saath aate hai ki koi commitment nahi hai…!!!

      चले तो चाँद तक नहीं तो रात तक भी ना चले

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      1. वाह 👌👌👌चले तो चाँद तक नहीं तो रात तक भी न चले
        चले ही क्यों हमसफर कुछ पल रुक के चलो साँसे ही ले लेते हैं।

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        1. थोड़ा और सोच लेते है चलना है कि मुड़ जाना है
          थोड़ा और सोच लेते हैं मंज़िल एक है क्या हमारी या अलग ही ठिकाना है

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    2. I totally agree your point and I am a supporter of marriage definitely..Marriage gives permanent commitment and satisfaction…What would a live in give you…May be a temporary happiness but long term bitterness..

      But at the same time though I personally support marriage…I don’t say supporter of live in can also be correct in their own way…May be the guy don’t want responsibilities because he wants a career first,may be girl doesn’t want responsibilities for similar reasons..

      See it’s all about choices which can vary from person to person..

      According to me we as a society should not interfere on other people’s choices and comment them as wrong…But when it comes to our own life…सुनो सबकी फिर करो दिल की।

      And I am totally in your team …Yes definitely though I have not experienced it…I see my parents in that bond and I guess thats a very blissful bond in the world❤❤❤❤

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  2. Hey authors!!
    U all r awesome, bt sry to say that this live-in has no future at all,
    Bcoz at the end only she has to suffer,
    From my point of view, it has only negative aspect,
    Tell me what is negative in getting married
    Why do one feels prblm getting committed,,
    Kindly tell what the problem is……???

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    1. Well… I also described the negative aspects of live-in….. But I ended it in negative sense…..!!! I could have taken to positive like marriage… But this is the harsh reality…!! So I depicted that….!!!

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    2. When the two individuals are of mind set “no commitment”…Mind it ….Both are of same mindset..They can go for it…To celebrate their freedom and youth..
      Question to your answer…And I got this answer after watching the movie “Ok janu” .
      But definitely for believers of commitment and responsibilities…Marriage is best …Like I commented..Go for it and never live in.

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        1. See ok janu…
          This days its that the girls just get influenced in love promises…Some of them make choices.
          And all I feel is everyone is free to make choices..
          But make wise one..And at last don’t blame others for your choice…Be sticked to it…If it goes wrong…Accept it..It’s your rainbow..Love your life now..U yourself chose this.
          Otherwise if guilt continues people will continue this weak exercise suicide

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    3. And there is no negatives in marriage…Only today most of the young marriage hesitate because they don’t become sure easily to the concept that yes this is the one my soulmate..They hesitate if someone better comes in future…They want to remain free…And hence find a easy way out called live in saying if it works out we ll continue further and marry or else we ll move on…
      But when such things happen like what happened in Mikey’s story..Things become worst.

      So, in my opinion both marriage and live in can go worst..If you don’t answer two questions to yourself want this?
      And why only with this person?

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  3. It could be positive…. But our indian society… It depicts the harsh reality of that…..

    More over I was thinking to take it in other positive Point of marriage…. But suddenly my pen oops hands move to negetive end… And eventually this comes up

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  4. A sad story Marvelously told. It’s good of you miki to bring out such agonizing harsh realities to the fore with your quill.
    Warrior! Though a positive end is usually we work upon, still realities should too find an outlet.

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