Bahubali (Movie scribble)

(Writer of this post is Virus_Miki)

Bahubali…. A fantasy which has many things to learn from….!!!
Each and every character was awesome… And played perfect role… … All were best.

Insted of explaining movie story i would like to highlight the points i observed good in that movie…

So lets start:-

The bold character “RAAJMATA SHIVGAMI DEVI” very determined and dauntless. A combination of warfare and welfare.

राजनीति एवं कूटनीति दोनों में निपूर्ण साथ ही एक प्रेरक माँ ।

She was step mom of bahubali but she love him equally as her own kid.

She gave same education and opportunities to both her kids and most importantly she stands and fight for wrong no matters who is in opposite side {her husband or her own son}

But As a ruler she was good and not best {at the end I will explain why} I think she need much effort for that.
ये मेरा वचन है और मेरा वचन ही है शासन”

This line leaves a powerful impact on audience while watching the movie and make her character even more vibrant.

Kattapa another tough character.

ego less, clam , quite and honest.

“कुत्ता हूँ सूंघ लेता हूँ “this line sets the benchmark for his honesty.

He was a good warrior, with all the skills. He never raised his voice against anyone and always followed the instructions of ruler. एक सच्चा और ईमानदार सेवक ।

“His honesty was the reason he killed bahubali and in spite of being so efficient and loyal in his work he was a killer or a MURDER.

मारा भी तो किसे अपने बेटे को या अपने राजा को या अपने मित्र को ।
Compatibility between bahubali and kattapa was flawless… A combination of trust, loyalty, friendship, respect all in one package.

But at the end kattapa killed bahubali and gave a very big message

Don’t trust any more than yourself.”

After crime he shouted and raised his voice but was of no use.

बाहुबली पर तुम्हारा क्रोध इतना प्रचंड था की तुम्हे अपने बेटे के द्वारा रचा षड़यंत्र भी नहीं दिखाई दिया राजमाता।

But it was late.. and bahubali was dead.

This give another big message बिना जाने किसी निर्णय पर नहीं पहुचना चाहिए ।

Don’t reach to conclusion without knowing the complete story.


Raise your voice in appropriate situation before the scenarios turn from is to was.

Bhallal dev another fearless, dauntless and cunning character.
He was self obssessd. He can’t here anything apart from his virtues. 

He was very cunning. He knew when, what, where, whom and how.

सारे दाव पैंच पता है उसे । This quality resides in very few. 
He was so cunning that he fraudly asked rajmata to give promise for his marriage with dev sena.

Very smartly he also planned how to take whole kingdom.

And more strategically he convinced rajmata to kill bahubali.

Rajmata unknowingly promises him back for the same. And without knowing the exact story she gave a big order of killing bahubali “the biggest blunder of her life.”

From all this we get some important messages

No matter how good you teach to your childern they also learn from outside with whom they Hangout. Always keep eye on them.

Never make any promise if you can’t fulfill it.

Never decide anything without knowing the full truth from both side.

But one thing just blew my mind about bhallal dev “he was powerful enough to rape devsena, but he punished her not touched her. Till his last beat he only proposed her for marriage”

Somewhere it depicts that females deserve to be respected. And this was a good quality of him.

Devsena my favourite character fearless, vibrant, bold, stunning gorgeous  Words can’t be described her. I watched this movie again and again only for the love story devsena and bahubali.

She was the girl who always trust herself.

Never bow below her self respect.

No matter how big the trouble is she always face it with whole courage.

The confidences she carry in herself is flawless.

The best thing she never reach to conclusion without knowing the truth and fact.

She tried and tested bahubali many times before falling for him… And the moment she fall for him she trusted him for whole of her life.

Another mind blowing confidence of Devsena comes up when she rejected proposal of raj mata because she showed off  her money instead of her son. 

This give another wonderful message to indian society that Marriag can never be done with money but with compatibility, love and trust.. Which dev sena and bahubali have for each other.

The thing I didn’t liked about devsena is she was over talkative.

She was so proud that many times she says much than needed.
उसे खुद पर कुछ ज्यादा ही अहंकार था और उसकी इसी कमी की वजह से जीवन में उसे बहुत कुछ खोना पड़ा ।

Well everyone have goods and bads this small habit can easily be ignored.. after all she was daughter of king and her husband was bahubali so small proud was need of her character.

But another benchmark of her character was peace and patient. She waited for 26 years peacefully for the revenge… 

You can see the confidence in her eyes…!! After 25 years of transformation.

And last but not the least quality of her character she was honest and pure from heart.

She always stood equally with bahubali and no matter what the situation was… She never blamed him nor the fate… She lived happily with him and after him she lived with the memories of him.

And here we get one more lesson…

If you are Happy from heart all situations can turn to positive.

After leaving the kingdom also they lived happily…

And now comes the most important character of movie….. 

He is the main character of movie

है ऐसा रूद्र सा

काल से भी वो ना डरे 

हाथों में है शीश लिए 

माँ जो अगर मांग भी ले 

पल में वो प्राण दे ।

The qualities resides in him is a fantasy of human being no one can be exactly like him… But everyone tries to be the same… And that made him hero of our society.

Clear, confident, powerful, strong, calm, leader, fearless, promise keeper

He always obey his mother.

जो भी राजमाता कहती थी वो उसके लिये पत्थर की लकीर होता था ।

In due respect of her mother shivgami devi our hero bahubali

               left the post of king

       left the post of senapati.

               left his kingdom

He never showed off of him self. 
जिसके अंदर खूबी होती है वो दिखावा नहीं करता ।

He always sustained his promises इस पल से ले कर जब तक मृत्यु हमें अलग ना करे मैं तुम्हारा हूँ देवसेना ।

He always trusted his wife and stand for her. देव सेना को किसी ने हाथ भी लगाया तो समझ लेना बाहुबली की तलवार को हाथ लगाया । 

This give another beautiful message to indian society:-
Never blame your wife for the situations you are facing listen to her and stand for her… औरत को पैरों की जूती समझना बंद करिये आप स्वयं ही राजा बन जाएंगे ।

The trust and loyalty bahubali and devsena had for each other was just flawless in the movie.

Neither devsena nor bahubali ever blamed each other or fate for what they faced in life. They accepted everything they get in the path of life whole heartedly.
This leave another message for us

What you receive is the virtues of your karmaa… Accept all with smile.

Next point of his character he always give chance to deserving and keep on motivating to all….

The moment he noticed power of kumar varma he asked him to fight.

समय हर कायर को शूर वीर बनने का अवसर देता है ।

Here we get one more message of life

Whenever life knocks the door of opportunity always grab it instead of running. जब तक लड़ोगे नही कैसे पता चलेगा कि तुम्हारे अंदर कितनी खूबियां है ।

The above image is enough to describe the character of bahubali. And it give another important message of life…

No matter where you live and how you live…You will spread what ever you have.

bahubali live like a king and died like a king.

The only mistake of bahubali’s life is… He trusted one person more than his own “KATTAPA”  and this over trust lead him to death.

जब तक तुम मेरे साथ हो मुझे मारने वाला पैदा नहीं हुआ मामा।

और मामा ने ही उसे मार दिया।

Coming back to first character RAJMATA SHIVGAMI DEVI. 

In the beginning I said rajmata is not best as a ruler because somewhere she had an ego.

The moment rajakumari devsena rejected her proposal of marriage she asked everyone to make her prisoner.

हमने शादी की शहनाई बजानी चाहि और इस लड़की ने युद्ध का नगाड़ा बजा दिया ।

When bahubali brought devsena with him she said.

महिष्मति की बहू को ऐसा अहंकार अच्छा लगता है ।

This was her words in beginning, but the moment she come to know that devsena is wife of bahubali. Her happiness turns to an anger.

This is all because of ego.she need fearless bahu(daughter-in-law) but was unable to accept her as wife of bahubali.Immediately she asked bahubali to choose either kingdom or his wife.

Again a wrong step.
Being a very calm and clear person bahubali choose his wife he sustained his promise. 

With this one wrong step of rajmata whole kingdom suffered for years.
The misconception begins from here.

This give another good lesson

Never decide in anger. 


Accepting the order of superior {mom} without any word. And keeping the promise.

Now coming to the climax… I liked the planning for murder of bahubali done by SHIVGAMI.

महाराज को इतिहास में अपने छोटे भाई का हत्यारा ना कहा जाये इसलिए कट्टपा तुम बाहुबली को मरोगे ।

She always thought for virtues of mahishmati kingdom.

So again come one more lesson

Never do any task against the virtues of family or own home.

But apart from having lot of ego and proud in each and every character. All the character have one thing in common “acceptance of mistake

Devsena felt sorry for rejecting marriage proposal of shivgami.

Yuvraaj varma asked sorry to bahubali for treating him like slave.

Kattapa bow down to bahubali for killing him and explained the reason why he did so.

And last but not the least rajmata felt in the feet of Devsena when she came to know the truth of bhallal dev.

बाहुबली की वीरता को पहचान कर तू आसमान से भी ऊँची हो गई और मैं माँ हो कर भी अपने बेटे को नहीं समझ पाई ।

Now coming to new character mahendra bahubali son of Amrendra bahubali. He  was not as good as father which was expected. So he was good enough in his own. As he was not brought up in empire his way of thinking and performance was not like a king… But he proved his role very nicely.

 this people of mahishmati kingdom were also very nice and treated their king like lord and the king was also equally good and treat them very nicely and always stay for them  lastly I would say why we need a ruler….??? Can’t we stay in decipline by our self….!! Why we need a second party to control us to keep us in nice way…!!! 


We don’t need a ruler,we never need a boss,we only need a leader dear.

A team with different minds cannot be self disciplined because even defination of self-discipline will vary and clashes will occur,so a combine self discipline sounds ideal,self discipline is required in every individual but as a team it is rarely possible. So, we need a  leader who can just lead properly and serve its team..Even the weakest should not feel weak and strongest should not feel over empowered and he himself should never feel as first member of the group or else he will become a boss.

Well! I was planning this from the day I have seen the movie.

I was just waiting to have the movie in the laptop to again see it and I am going to soon come up with the same scribble…bahubali from my eyes 😃😄

You have said so many important observations miki. All which I found awesome..I have made them highlighted in bold letters. some were even those which my eyes had missed out.

Awesome one dear✌👏👏👏 I think your best scribble till date is this one.

Keep scribbling miki

Happy reading readers.

Yours loving warrior


65 thoughts on “Bahubali (Movie scribble)

  1. Good post. I learn something totally new and challenging on sites I stumbleupon every day. It will always be helpful to read content from other authors and practice a little something from their web sites.


  2. Hey author!!
    Can’t actually getting what to comment bcoz u put light on the vry material (scribble for movie Bahubali2) so nicely nd wisely tried elaborating it…..

     Bt I  dare to say a small thing here is that descipline is the only thing which one has to learn from other, so one should nt feel hesitated learning it....

    जो जाते हैं झुक जीवन में
    वोही पाते हैं सुख जीवन में

    Kindly don’t take anything otherwise, a humble request……!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m a peculiar person with regards to movies. I can watch any movie without getting bored but there are only few movies I get awestruck. Part I was among the movies I liked for its grandeur and plot and a sense of predicament that what is going to happen next. Part I I went along the expected lines and with cliche dialogue and nothing much to offer on that front. So I’m not saying that the movie was not good, I’m just saying for me it is not worth the hype. Waise bhi my friends used to be surprised if by chance I liked any movie😂, so this review was as per my perception of the movies.

    Liked by 2 people

              1. The Bollywood Movie I like most is chupke chupke, my all time favourite. All amol palekar
                movies too are sweet and awesome. One period movie of telly wood which I liked was similar to bahubali but I don’t remember the name. Directed by ss rajamouli too hero was Nagarjuna son

                Liked by 2 people

  4. Thanks naina… Your ruler and self decipline definition…👍👍👌👌👌 I read it just now….!! Yeah we need one person to enlighten the path….!! Else everyone will have own definition of self decipline….😢👍👌👌👌👏👏👏👏👻👻👻

    Liked by 2 people

  5. A nice character sketch drawn by you miki. Watched the movie last Sunday and it was good to see the interpretation by you.
    You have explained the nuances of the characters very well. Let me add a few of my own.
    Bhalla dev: I start with him as he is shown an outright negative character. The movie liberally picks up its story and characters from Mahabharat and Bhallal is like Duryodhan in Mahabharat. The one who is shown with the darkest shade. Being capable of everything since childhood, he was made to look inferior from bahubali and this poisoned his mind. It might be hard to accept for us and we can say that he should not been jealous but the time at which the movie is set in, the rightful heir used to be the eldest one. First his father and then the son were rejected for the job for the younger ones, so it was a major cause of anger in him rather than external influences. Shivagami failed to notice the jealousy in him since childhood is a big fault in her upbringing. You truly said about him not raping devsena, and his desire to get her to live with him was In diminished even after 26 years show his longing. Though what I infer is that he loathed Devsena for her courage and wanted to bring her to her knees and raping her would not have satisfied him .

    Shivagami : As a character she was all you talked about and her errors show the human streak in her. Still she was a little much authoritarian. She didn’t give up control even after relinquishing the seat as we can see as she was required to pass the order to kill Bahubali. Though this can be shown as she was helping the new king to learn the basics but as per me it created two power centers in the Kingdom.

    You are right about the character treatment of movie with utmost precision do I would not delve in it much
    But for me the movie as a whole was a mediocre movie where the director rather than highlighting human emotions was much busy in showing the fight scenes
    The chemistry between characters was missing and there were very few scenes to touch the heart . Bahubali part 1 was much better in narrative and part 2 failed to build upon it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well thanks for adding this… I didn’t notice the one point of jealousy of bhallal dev….!!! 👍👍👌👌 And the points you added are 👏👏👏

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thanks miki. I’m a lousy writer, always unable to string together a long scribble. It was a lovely write up by you where you kept the reader enthralled with your vivid descriptions

        Liked by 2 people

    2. Fight scenes though some were too hard to believe🤣🤣🤣 but I still liked them, history books complete them saying battle happened and he won…At least this made me feel the era,…How was battles fought…I found them not that bad
      And also the emotions I thought came out bang on…From love …to revenge… to wait by devsena…Every actor did complete justice…What a brilliant drama…And every dailoge delivery…Characters were speaking with eyes and gesture also…Some of the bollywood movies I have seen deliver the way…Any layman can deliver😅.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. What I found missing in acting was the acting as an angry man. I have seen prabhas in other movies too as I am a regular watcher of South Indian movies, his portrayal being angry fid not evoked the emotions inside

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Here he was calm quite and clear character…. So he was good enough in his character….!!! An ideal person who didn’t raise voice if not necessary….!!

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Yeah…. That was the thing I didn’t liked…!!! I found him over reactive…
              The reason is…
              बचपन से तुम किसी के साथ रह रहे हो और एक दिन तुमको आ कर बोले की तुम्हारी माँ ये नहीं कोई और है ।
              And suddenly you realize it and you develop the same and exact feeling within 5-7 days…

              Plus you suddenly learn how to fight with sword bows arrows and became a powerful warrior…!!!!

              And even I didn’t liked the look of mahendra (shiva)… The charm he had in 1st part was not in 2nd…!!!

              Liked by 1 person

    3. Shivgami failed to notice this from childhood..All because of her queen attitude…वचन ही शाशन thing…If there was “flexibility”in वचन with time and with her own intelligence and …She was the among the best characters of the movie.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Hmm truly said. I’m not against grandeur of the battle as it is certainly good to watch one but except the pindari attack none other did justice to the movie as per me.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. Yeah… Pindari were very good…!! But I didn’t liked the scenes so I didn’t mentioned…. !! The way bahubali rescue everyone clearly depict that it’s a south movie…..!!!

          He put put fire and use bulls etc …. I really didn’t like that particular scene….!!!

          Liked by 2 people

          1. One scene you have mentioned in your script and it is surely one of the best scene in the movie where Kumar Verma is motivated by him to fight is also from pindari sequence

            Liked by 2 people

        2. Rather I liked kaalkey..!!! Or kaal

          Who had his own community
          His own language
          His own proud….

          And his cunning smile is enough to destroy the confidence….!!!

          Liked by 2 people

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