Happy bday jasoosh🎂

Few people exist with whom you stay connected for long without breaks and pause.Few people exist  who can be saviour,who can come early in the class and keep seat in the class so that you can come late.Sometimes you will meet a night reader who reads entire night and before morning class,he will force you to have tea with him and only sometimes when he will take naps 😆 in class because he had read entire night, he will ask you please record and take down notes properly,the one who will accompany you to the home and will ask you about all the topics you have never read and will keep teaching you throughout the way because he himself read those topics really well…🤓.Again only few people you will meet who will care for both their goals and yours also,they will keep reminding you,the messages,the emails and the phonecalls will never stop and sometimes you will get understanding issues and will name them type 2 friend saying we cannot understand each other but yes we can still enjoy each other’s friendship.Few people will come in your life’s with whom daily meetings will turn into long distance friendship and you will still enjoy being with only few people will.come to your life who will take efforts to read your entire blog once in a 4 month and will question you for every post you have made and will search answers even when you will not answer.This  jasoosi is the care only few people will give you.Well,I have also spied you dear,though only for 2 days I guess you gave me your secret account access and I by now know you as a person with million dreams who has so many aspirations in life ,someone who wants multiple goods in life and someone who is trying to honestly dedicate to it.A person with an awesome  heart who loves his family  like anything in this world…And most loves his brother.Well really only few people will come to your life whom you can ask for help and will get the next day all you have asked for ,infact more than that in your mail box and truly a few people in this world I will get who will send me awesome pictures without asking because I blog and I need them all on daily basis.And it really feels lucky and gives me assurance that I am never alone if such people exist in this world and exist in my life. 

A very happy wala birthday Jasoosh!

Have a blast and may your all dreams and aspirations come true….Wish you lots of success,happiness and healthiest life…

Only 2 things I say you today

See now you are grown,now learn to clear mess,🤣 see your room and your notebook…Your keede maikade wali handwriting …Hehe..

Jokes apart😝😜

Stay blessed 👼

Enjoy your day…and our old golden days…I will always cherish them in my memories.

May you live long and our friendship lives longer.

And dis 👇 is it…Post served the purpose..Yeah😊😁

Yours loving warrior


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