Thick chocolate shake


  • 1 glass milk {full fat preferable}
  • Sugar 2 t-spoon or as per your taste
  • Coffee powder 1/2 tea spoon
  • Coco powder 1-1/2 table spoon {you can have more or less as per your taste}
  • 1-2 drop vanilla essence
  • Chocolate sauce for garnishing {optional}


  • Mix milk and sugar and freeze for an hour or two.
  • Now take the mixture out from freeze.
  • Add coco and coffee powder.
  • Blend it using hand grinder
  • Add vanila and grind again.
  • Your shake is ready to serve.

Tip:- always use freezed or chill milk for shake….

Decorate the walls of glass by pouring chocolate sauce over and around it.
Pour the shake in serving glass.

And enjoy with your loved ones..

Do try this at home and let me know your experience in the comment section below.

Thanks & regards


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