Nature – 1

(Writer of the post : Prankies )

Happy world environment day

Part -1 of the poem 

He too made this world to be ruled

With free will and natural laws

Where every being lived happily

Along with qualities and flaws

A chain of predators, He created

Operated them on rule of need

And in this food chain

Cyclic to each other they’d feed

Pleased of His fabulous creation

With everything duly placed

Seeing it dancing merrily infront

Blissfully to it he blessed

And he moved to other things

Leaving earth on its fate

Adapting and steadily growing

With a Hindu growth rate

Millenias later he was back

After fixing another universe

And he was amazed to see

Flora and fauna so diverse

He thought now to create

For mother earth a perfect gift

A creature with intelligence

Pushing growth in forward shift

A being who could put

Things for better pursuits

And like him a creator

Creating things from null absolute

And with wide eyes He did see

Him taming the frightful fire

And devoring it ( fire) inside

To lit a burning desire

Thrown in the arena

With low stats to measure ( physical stats wrt animals)

Though endowed with a thinking brain

Survival was the pressure

The wheel, tools and sword

And shields he did make

And for all his short comings

An alternate he did create

From hunted he become hunter

With horses, conquered speed

And slowly start to question

Why even Rule of need

Why one should tie

Himself just to survive

Why one can’t push limits

And for development he strived

And God too was happy

To see him in control

And expected him to beautify

Mother nature soul

He conquered the fear

And instilled it ( fear) in others

Started making them slaves

Who should be his brothers

Soon the narrative changed

From developer to destroyer

The greed overtook all

Inside razed an unflinching desire

He toyed with nature

Exploiting it to the core 

Cut down all the forests

And dug earth for ores


A great story telling Prankies of the most realistic tale of our planet. I am excited to read part 2 now.

Happy environment day readers.

Let’s try to become guilt free and take small steps to save our environment.

Keep scribbling Prankies

Yours loving warrior


3 thoughts on “Nature – 1

  1. From developer to destroyer …. Bloody truth of today’s era….!!!

    Another best part making slave instead of making friends

    Liked by 2 people

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