Good bye, yes let it be Go where you want to go And it was not nice meeting you For me though For you reinforced My thoughts about men Fake care, brittle ego Who loves to berate women You labeled me with names Though you didn’t say it aloud But in your eyes I saw … Continue reading Virgin-4


Writer of this post : Prankies (The speaks about a guy who had manhandled a girl few days ago in the same train and somehow he gets molested by few people) It was a crowded compartment But it was the last train I had to board it now As I was late again I felt … Continue reading Raped…

Desh humara….. Written way back in 1959 for the movie ' Didi', by one of the superb lyricist our bollywood ever had, Mr sahir ludhinawi.  Just listen to the song, the innocent questions by the young children and thoughtful answers by their teacher. We need many teachers like him in current times  हमने सुना था एक … Continue reading Desh humara…..

Dear Diary

That’s what the old pages do…I have also writen few months back…👇

reading back my trustworthy stock
A similar thing. So, I can well relate to your nostalgia.

Keep scribbling Prankies

Scribbling will make re reading our lives easy.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


The Scattered Beans.......

It has been long since I have written something, so this Sunday while going through my old diary, where my friends have jotted down their feelings for me when we were in college. Shuffling through the yellowed pages glides you to a mesmerizing world, whose claim to existence now is only in our memories. THose precious, nostalgic moments bring out an effervescent smile onto your face. My beloved diary, as I mentioned earlier, is a collection of thoughts and feelings and reading it after many years after it was written surely gives me an insight of my past and how my actions then were perceived by my fellow brethren.
Someone rightly said when s/he compared memories to be a bunch of flowers, some look good, some smell good and there are rare few which have both qualities. Amidst those peachy, aromatic bouquets you are sure to find some hard, pinchy…

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(Lyrics diary)Mile sur mera tumhara Composed and broadcasted in 1988 this song had captured the imagination of the hoi pollock of our country and reiterated the conviction of our freedom fighters in our country's unity in diversity motto. On the auspicious day of Eid,  watching it again gave me goosebumps, so thought to share it with you all. Enjoy … Continue reading (Lyrics diary)Mile sur mera tumhara