Ramzaan Mubarak!!





3 O’clock in the morning,phone starts ringing and this is the only time in the year when I receive ‘early’ morning calls happily!!

On the other side is a lady whom I call Mummy ❤ without fail calls me so that I don’t miss my ‘Suhoor’.

Yes,the holy month of RAMZAAN  has begun 😍

Fasting for majority of us means spending a day without food and water!!

But trust me Roza(fasting) is much more than that!!

Fasting makes us feel compassion and empathy towards the poor.

When we taste the pain of hunger,we tend to value the gift God has bestowed on us!!

Fasting is a way detoxification of the body.

So all the ladies out there it’s your month to look beautiful 😎

RAMZAAN is the month when devil is chained and we are set free for the betterment of the society.

Charity is next best thing a believer can do!!

Imagine that smile you see when you offer food to your maid or clothes to orphan.

May be for this smile Khalil Gibran must have written “For you thousand times over”.

It is the month when we embrace the faults of others and try to built a new and better person out of ourselves.

So readers keep enjoying the spirit of Ramzaan and I hope to be the ‘updated’ version of myself at the end of this holy month. Till then keep reading and don’t forget me in your prayers!!


-Nazia Islam

Charity is next big thing a believer can do😍😍👏👌👌

So,well you have expressed both essence and your experience of this holy month.

Happy ramzan twitterpatted.

and you will always be there in my prayers.

Stay blessed.

Keep scribbling Nazia

Happy reading readers

yours loving warrior






2 thoughts on “Ramzaan Mubarak!!

  1. Ramzan Mubarak to you twitterpad and all the readers and scribblers of our blog. A very sweet write up dear. In this holy month of Ramzan let us pray and and take oath to cleanse at least one evil from our character

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