My Guardian Angel….

(Writer of this post : Prankies)

We may live a far
For days we might not talk
Still, we support each other
Through tough roads, we walk

When against goes the whole world
And I feel I’m right
I know whom to look at
for making things bright

The emotions, from all
I quite deftly conceal
But to you always
Sooner or later I’d reveal

On deaf ears, mostly fell
The solemn advice of others
And often, if not always
It had me least bothered

But your candid opinion
I always seek
As it gives me strength
In moments I’m weak

And if in due course
Any deviation if you discerns
A rap on head or your wrath
I might surely earn

In a tunnel deep
Unluckily, if, foot I set
That darkened path
With your smile, you’ll illuminate.

Torrential is now river
Turbulent, water has grown
Nothing left of rudder
Mast and sail, all gone

Amidst that hailstorm
A hand I’d found
To pull me out
Of trouble so profound

You are my guardian angel
Not just my friend
And…. Heart has reasons
That reason doesn’t understand.

Heart has reasons that reasons doesnt understands…👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😍

Again you have started leglimency…I say the same line as….

heart has no brains”

And again this is a sequal to our “Yes,Always” series.

May God  bless such gaurdian soul…..that is what I want to say.

Happy reading readers!

Keep scribbling scribblers.

Yours loving warrior


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