Forgive ~ 1

(writer of this post : warrior_naina)

Again a selfish statement but you guys already know by now

Between being shelfish and being selfless,I have discovered ‘self’ and I call it happiness.

I guess you all remember my poem 

I discovered self

and yesterday someone told me…we live in a guilt free world,I am still to introspect these lines..but these lines made me feel awesome💕🤓👍 for sure and this was second time I heard it….soon will ce with its introspection.

Happy reading

Yours loving warrior


12 thoughts on “Forgive ~ 1

  1. Thought provoking post. In this experience, I have not found that time heals anything. My own bitterness doesn’t stop coming back until I deliberately, consciously, relentlessly make a practice out of forgiving. That is not just one decision, but an inner lifestyle chosen because of getting worn down with the alternative. Thanks for blogging.

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  2. Hum kisi ko pass ane k liye allow krte hai tabhi wo pass aate hai… !!! Somewhere at some point we allow and accept the Small mistakes…!! Which gradually leads to bigger one…

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  3. Time can heal everything… And other one
    If we can’t laugh on same joke then why to cry on same thought…. Or why not to forgive one thing….!!!or other… Somewhere you have allowed them to make mistakes or play with you and your feelings…!!!

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  4. No, Warrior, we do not live in a guilt free world. And it is not easy to forgive either. Even after forgiving someone, can things ever go back to normal. छुप नहीं सकता कभी शीशे में बाल आया हुआ.

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    1. hmm may be you are what if things dont become back to normal…may be it can becomes better than normal..नज़रन्दाज़ कर दो यार उस बाल को…शेशे में हर रोज़ खुद को भी देखना है
      but still may be you are equally correct,I respect your thoughts taurene

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      1. You have a point there. Minor offences are easy to forgive. One has to be a saint to forgive grave ones. And no, things can never become better. Take it from one who has suffered. All I say is ‘do not seek revenge’. The lord said, ‘Vengeance is mine.’

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