उम्मीद ~ 2

(Writer to this post : warrior_naina)

In hindi you have one word उम्मीद but in english you have two…so you can easily differentiate.

but which language makes you understand this hardly matters…you understand this…that is the thing which actually matters.

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


7 thoughts on “उम्मीद ~ 2

  1. Agr ummid nahi krenge to sb khtm ho jaega…!!
    Ek din aur jine ki ummid
    Ek pal aur milne ki ummid…

    We don’t know when we will die but we always put alarm and keep planning for next moments…..!!!

    Yahi to ummid hai… Khud se … Ishwar se…

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    1. exactly…umeed to karo ni to aage kaise badhoge
      par ummeed puri hogi hi..ye ummed se umeed mat lagao..
      dimag mei baitha k chalo…tut b sakti h..
      tut gai to dukhi ni hona hai..pata e tha tut b sakti h..
      aur puri ho gai to achaaa e hai😜 we can party more💕💕✌✌


  2. No… Hindi we have अपेक्षा उम्मीद आशा ।

    Hope is आशा
    Expectation is अपेक्षा

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