उम्मीद ~ 2

(Writer to this post : warrior_naina) In hindi you have one word उम्मीद but in english you have two...so you can easily differentiate. but which language makes you understand this hardly matters...you understand this...that is the thing which actually matters. Happy reading readers Yours loving warrior Naina

उम्मीद ~ 1

(Writer of this post : warrior_naina) शायद धीरे धीरे समझ आ रा उम्मीद क्या है उम्मीद है तो भी ठीक है पर पूरी नहीं की उन्होंने  तो खफा हो जाओगे या  उन्हीं पे सवाल उठाओगे ये कहाँ की ज़िद है उम्मीद बंध गई ये तो ठीक है  पर पूरी हो ही ये कैसी उम्मीद से … Continue reading उम्मीद ~ 1

Meri Pyaari Bindu….

http://cdn.bollywoodmdb.com/movies/largethumb/2016/meri-pyaari-bindu/meri-pyaari-bindu-poster-3.jpg (Writer of this post : Prankies) Not much of a Bollywood buff although; I still, once in a while, get desirous to watch one or the other movie on the offing. Meri Pyaari Bindu..., was a movie I was quite keen to watch because of its melodious song, ' Mana ki Hum Yaar Nahi..', sung … Continue reading Meri Pyaari Bindu….

Forgive ~ 1

(writer of this post : warrior_naina) Again a selfish statement but you guys already know by now Between being shelfish and being selfless,I have discovered 'self' and I call it happiness. I guess you all remember my poem  I discovered self and yesterday someone told me...we live in a guilt free world,I am still to … Continue reading Forgive ~ 1