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Received this image in whatsapp with this line

लड़कियां कितना भी एटीट्यूड दिखा ले बाद में यही करना है

Now… My question to all is… 

What is wrong in this image…?? 

Why male can’t do this…??? 

Because of “male ego” if not then why such lines…. ???

If above line is true than 

“बेटी बचाओ बेटी पढ़ाओ” is a big lie.

Let me know your views in the comment section below on my questions…

Thanks & Regards


 Well, a serious issue…you just talked about..the trolls..why are we misusing this powerful platform,if we don’t have guts to use it.

Whats wrong in the picture…if someone with eyes like I have would have captioned this picture…it would be something like

“A salute to the lady who even helped me with the shit..when I was an innocent creaturejust born..”

Thank you mom!

I would have captioned it somewhat this way….

Guysss…lies are easy to spread ,if you have guts try and speak out truth and try and spread truth.

Males and females are equals like my mom is equal to my dad…💕

If you have hearts and brains…kindly scribble honestly.

A great post miki

Keep scribbling

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


22 thoughts on “Lie…

    1. your question is so apt dear..👍 ofcourse they can be…it “should be” all about choice..💕.. the couple “should have” freedom to decide…basically they both become a team after marriage,they should combinely decide,how they want to deal with there household and outerworld responsibilities…who want to play which role…or they want to keep it flexible.. sometimes you be the housecaretaker..sometimes I will b…
      whatever yaar…
      it “should be” their choice…and society “should not” comment on their choice…its completely there matter.
      but unfortunately we don’t live in a “should be” perfect place..
      we are combinely all failing as society.

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    2. Yeah… Your question is very correct….!!!
      And all our scribblers have explained it very well… Its not about househusband or housewife…. Its about earning and maintaining….

      May be one can do may be both can do….!!!

      But one have to look home and other to office… And that how things are managed….!!!

      But making a joke of respectable thing is not good….!!!

      It should be respected….!!!!

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  1. Hmm! once again you have raised voice against a very apt topic, Miki. The social media out there has certainly given wings to the uncouth characters who by their narrow mindedness want to spread their version of truth. I liked the way warrior said she’d re-caption it and let me add that I believe that no one can equal the love of a mother! It’s not about gender generalization or something about male- female issues, but a universal truth. Meanwhile, I also assure you that the world is certainly changing and the males to partake enthusiastically in parenting of the kids. Of trolls, I’d not say much as they don’t deserve the precious time we people have. But I think the people should not blindly believe in anything posted on the social media.

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    1. Yeah… You said correct… But blind believe is not a matter or trolls is not a matter…
      What matter is how our society is accepting this troll forwarding in to other groups. And all are laughing and enjoying it…!!!! Its a very big issue that we are taking as joke…!!! Plus somewhere it also depicts the mentality of human beings in our society….!!!

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      1. Yes right. That is the negative effects of the social media where the negativity which used to be confined to the people in close proximity is now doing round getting viral

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      1. So true… But don’t forget the father…. Who some where helped mom….to help you….!!

        He is the invisible support of mom….!

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  2. Hey author!! Firstly hats off to ur thought,,
    Actually a grand salute to u for this,, bcoz if we talk abt the equality, then why don’t we give proper respect to her.

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    1. Hey ashu… Its nice that you gave your precious time in reading this and commenting…!! Thank you for that… And yes its correct… The respect should be given to her not jokes….!!!!


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