Our eye acts as the natural camera,

It is the marvellous gift created by the begetter,

It captures the real moments of verve in one piece,

Without any gadget we can foretaste the times of yore,

It acts as the mirror of the past life,

Sometimes the events it captures,

 Becomes the life or the lesson of the creatures,

Sometimes because of some blissful moments one depart this life serenely,

 Sometimes callous moments becomes stepping stones and leads the life at flourishing end,

It shows the delightful nature,

And flash the cruel reality,

It also acts as the judge,

And knowingly unknowingly it also portrays you….

Eye is a foreteller,

Eye is the reminiscent…………

By zooming the lens we can protest nastiness,

By shutting the eyes we can become coward,

Eye is the concluder……..


Eyes are





zomming lens

and finally 


So many analogies…so perfectly tinkering in your poem tinker.

Eyes (Naina) is highly impressed.

Keep scribbling shiwi,keep impressing everyone with your writings

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


2 thoughts on “Reflector

  1. Very nice….!!! By tinker….

    And comment of warrior is icing on the cake….!!!


    Liked by 2 people

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