People are always judgemental…

It’s you who love it when they are positive for you and hate when they say negative for you…

     So its you who decide. So don’t let judgements of people affect you… Live your life by your own… 

Because you your self are better judge….


I would say judge every judgement they do to you.

You may find something important that you yourself may never find out,other eyes can point that.

You can take it constructively and improve yourself.

and if its stupid ….the judgement you can still pay attention to it and laugh🤣….on how people perceive, how they judge,how they get jealous,how they find escapes .

So, best thing is keep judging…keep being judged but stresslessly…and ofcourse wisely.

Nice one Miki,you scribbled my favourite topic again.

This can be some sequal to my “judging teaches”.

Keep scribbling virus_miki

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


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