Sometimes I feel that the terrorist or the people  who takes or threatens human life acts as the carnivores just like in animal kingdom, the animals or predators who kills the primary animals just to maintain the population in animal kingdom and maintain proper balance of each species.
Just like them these terrorist are killing the humans but the difference is that  they and we all are actually the humans till some extent we have the power to destroy and build and yes we are doing also but why killings of human life.

Yes it can also be the sign of end of human life as nothing stays forever, or the time we take birth from that time our end is written. But I don’t think nature should give this much liability to humans to kill human itself.

Indiscriminately they just keep killing the humans sometimes in sake of religion or sometime for no reason. Killing of anyone regardless of sex creed and class is not right. And I don’t think that human have got right to take life except some circumstances even suicide is a crime.

We all humans are same, equal; we all are gifts of god then why killing of each other. These attacks, bombings, murders, not only creates havoc situation for their near ones but also threatens the whole country or the masses of people.

The one who does these activities don’t think that what if there family will be killed in that or what if they will be destroyed after that, don’t they see and resemble every human as their own mother father sister brother or kid ? They actually don’t have heart and even mind too as they don’t have ability to think and make their own decision.
We all are your kids almighty with same body parts, same features and same attributes you created us that are your little mercy on little creatures like us or else the name humans never existed. But some don’t understand your benevolence and try to take your position. But still I ask why carnage?

Someone rightly said

“Wars happened,humans won but humanity died”

and its dying with every attack,every bomb blasts..every crime happening.

Its good to see you scribbling on such important issues.

Terrorism has become global problem…Global warming,something natural though much of its cause is anthropogenic activities only,is hard to control…but I don’t know why terrorism is.. can’t they somehow understand that they are killing humans and killing humanity inside themselves.

The same question I echo shiwi

Why this Carnage????and why so much in our age…we are in a good era I guess..the technologically advanced one..please don’t create bad immpressions for our childrens.

Happy reading readers

Keep scribbling shiwi

Yours loving warrior


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