Is marks the only criteria to decide intelligence…???

I am not good enough

But I know how to earn

I am not intelligent

But I know how to learn

I have the art of living

I have the art of surviving

I like to plunge in the memories

And keep mesmerizing…

I love dancing and signing

I know cooking  and brewing

I enjoy my life With

my art of grooming and designing

I have faith I can Learn

Without harming I can earn

I don’t need the so called degrees

That takes me away from my fun

Neither I want to leave my parents

Nor I wanna force to leave them there home

I am a bit confused for my life

But I am sure I will not let it simply be gone

and therefore we have always formed good partners😎✌

learners both of usπŸ’ƒ

but yes confusions are good in least you have got options,

there are some people who don’t get this option also…they directly have to face their fate and they get no choice.

Its good you can make choice..just don’t get irritated and make wise choice.

and its not going simply πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘,at least not uptil now ,so how future will be simply gone.

keep scribbling miki

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


16 thoughts on “Intelligence…

  1. real intelligent is one who has capability and intent to learn. One lacking either of these two may not attain the flair. And It is not only about studies. Life is much more than that as you have well described

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  2. Coming to poem, an awesome job miki. Loved the way you played with words to bring out the rhymes. I very well connect with your thoughts and you have your answer in your poem. The

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  3. A very candid discussion. Sorry to join late. As per me the life is set of decisions one take as per conditions. It may be right or wrong at that point of time and the results may diametrically opposite as expected. So one should choose what one feels is better for him/ her. And what ever the results may be he should never regret decisions as nothing can be changed now.

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  4. You are correct choices life always offer..
    to some little early
    to some little late

    and some fail to understand even when they got it early

    and some give their best even in the last moment

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  5. Eg… A x person Father dies… It’s up to him to accept the responsibility of family or to move away and work for one self.

    If he choose family, one way is created
    If he choose own, other way is ready

    So everyone one gets choice…

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    1. exactly dats it…this is being a warrior..
      so correct everyone gets choose..nd depends on us how we choose..πŸ‘πŸ‘

      but what I was saying is…some people get options before..some get surprises and den they have to search 4 option.

      So,the people who get the choices before should feel lucky and not irritated in confusion.
      Like if the person just knows before the death..suppose some x disease…that its all going to happen soon.
      He will have more time..than the one who got a shock in the morning..daddy no more😐

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  6. I feel everyone get many opportunities to decide. It’s the person who accept one and blame fate…!!!

    I am not saying fate doesn’t matters but one person always stuck between two…And by selecting one by own., Creates a path way for further.

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