Fearless -2

Be prepared for “facing” the worst and you will have no fears and even when worst comes,you will never try to avoid it because you have already kept the courage to face it…

You should always focus on building capabilities and not success…success may not come to you for various reasons…and even if you manage to grab it…how long will it stay with you ,no one can gaurantee..

So, better develop capabilities which once learned will give you gaurantee of success whenever you desire…even you can discover something better than success by your capabilities.

May be , feeling fearless is best feeling in the world…even better than feeling love or happiness.

Feel  fearless!

Feel strong!

Happy reading

yours loving warrior


4 thoughts on “Fearless -2

  1. Very beautifully crafted….!!

    Learn and succeed…. So even if you fail… Atleast you can restart….!!! And definitely you won’t die with the fear of failure….!

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