Fearless – 1

One who has nothing and labelled by even closed ones as loosers are the fearless.

They have nothing and therefore they can loose nothing, so on a lighter note…you won’t fear ransomeware which has currently created terror in the world also ,if you don’t have much in your bank account…I mean why would you fear any ransome..if you don’t have anything that important in your bank account that can’t be earned back.

You will laugh and celebrate emptiness and start a venture for new earnings without the fear that what if it gets lost.

Happy reading

Remain empty! 

Remain Strong!

or I say all these in two words….

Remain fearless

Yours loving warrior


9 thoughts on “Fearless – 1

  1. A good perspective about fear.
    Yes once you have that feeling that you have nothing to lose you walk out and give your best efforts unmarred with any expectations whatsoever. You fight because your love to be in the arena, giving your best irrespective of the results and not being just any spectator. This fearlessness is what Lord Krishna calls for when he says ” karmanye vadhika raste maa faleshu kadachan “.
    Wonderful job 👌

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