Working woman

Yes I am a working woman I am not a layman  Neither I am a super woman Nor I want to say I am above man If a girl is doing job it doesn't mean she is financially supporting her fàmily.... Neither she is trying to prove her individuality nor she wants to prove that … Continue reading Working woman

Only “this” moment you own

Past is dead Don’t stand on its funeral lawn Don’t celebrate future Only seed in sown Your dreamy future is yet to be born Celebrate "only this moment"  Before it is blown Because only this moment you own Yes ! Only this moment you own ~warrior so, just wish you all remain "alive"..I mean live … Continue reading Only “this” moment you own

cooking scribble 2 {tri-colour cake}

Three layer cake... It seems difficult and yummy... but its very easy and a bit of time consuming. So let's start... Ingredients:- 2 cup all purpose flour (maida) 2 cup powder sugar 1 cup curd (yogurt) 1/2 cup unsalted butter (unflavored oil or ghee) 1 tsp Baking soda  2 tsp Baking powder  1 cup Milk … Continue reading cooking scribble 2 {tri-colour cake}