Tinker ghost

I wonder I was a ghost,

Wandering the world I want,

Pondering the way I want,

Going up in the sky and play with clouds,

Holing the clouds during drought,

Stitching the clouds during flood,

Play hide and seek with the sun through clouds,

And racing with the rain drops falling down,

Go inside the leaves and see the stomata breathing,

Move inside any fruit and glare it till ripening,

Sleeping on the flower petals,

Try to become the smile of any unfortunate face,

Having tea with the ones who became eternal,

Soothing my soul by playing with the ones who are alive,

Jumping on the trains roof and sitting on its headlight,

Flying on the aeroplane’s wing,

Soaring with rockets and wandering in the outer space,

Jumping from planet to planet and searching for the aliens,

Gaze at the Milky Way’s and hop on the moons,

Riding on the shooting stars and gaping this eternal universe,

With the sun rays come back to the earth,

Travelling through thin blanket of air,

And give life to every life form by sun rays,

Become reminiscent of these adventures,

Become a tinkering soul,

So I wonder I was a ghost,

Wandering in the world I want,

Pondering in the way I want……..


shows your desire to move above all boundaries..

but dear tinkers boundaries and rules are sometimes not made to confine you,they are just made to simplify you…you will get the meaning of this line soon..

Till then remain tinkering…

Be independent, keep scribbling shiwi

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


5 thoughts on “Tinker ghost

      1. Yes… But who move from one place to another… And fix things….

        So.. only you can fix everything… By yourself… Power is within you. ..

        Liked by 1 person

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