Friendship -1

fights are necessary It gives you reason to understand each other... If you never fought with your friend..Problably, your friendship is still on surface and you have not reached depth. Fight and when everything will be alright you will find friendship in another depth. Happy reading! yours loving warrior Naina

Grateful people

often mistaken grateful people are not fake or overly sweet.....they thank only for something which they are actually thankful. That is not synonym to lying and buttering. gratefulness has sweetness  but its not arficial sweetness. only real thankfulness. Happy reading Yours loving warrior Naina

First things

First things do it first..... because second thing(secondary in priority) can be done  next second (unit of time) also first live this second  first live this moment!! and never repent and never have dearth of time May be, time is sufficient only we fail to utilize think ! decide! and then please prioritize. Have a great … Continue reading First things