I ‘ll cease to be special


Thats a symptom of a best friend.My bestie also says make new friends but don’t give my place to anyone and then she becomes possesive and jealoused when I tell her about my other bonds.

but thats ok…if more people come…eyeryone has their special place…every bond is important and necessary…at least for me it is…”every”one is special and unique.

and no one can cease to be special because of uniqeness….

well! his possesiveness shows how much he want to remain special for her and how much special she is for him.

Keep scribbling Prankies!

Happy reading readers

yours loving warrior


7 thoughts on “I ‘ll cease to be special

  1. Truly said warrior. Though it was not a conversation about possessiveness. She expressed her feelings for him though in a subtle way in those words and it was his way of accepting and conveying of the mutual regard in similar way

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