Tale of Forts

Forts are the one which portrays the whole stories of any realm by its magnificent architecture and interiors it tells the grandeur of that kinfolk and richness of its art by world famous and renowned artists the engravings sculptors which were made of handpicked gems and precious stones in the walls speaks about their highly spread folklore and strong pillars tells the boldness of the empire.

The stretched thick fortified walls tell it had enemies which can attack them anytime with full fledged army even the bricks of forts tell the strength and good trade relations as most of the forts were made of imported bricks.

The area it covered tells its prosperity and supremacy, the garden tells the peace and tranquility of that place with the beautiful essence of flowers, even the ceilings are perfectly carved with flower so that one can have peaceable and stress less sleep.

The foyer tells the way they welcomed their guests. The steps and paths tell its comfort ability.  The number of ponds and wells tells dependence on prime component to sustain that is water.

Wide windows allowed wind to come inside which can sooth everyone with pleasant air. The number of rooms tells that it accommodated hundreds and thousands of people at a time. The tinted heighten roofs tell that the kingdom always stood above than its public and it had ability to touch the sky. The pious place like temple or mosque tells the belief they followed and now the derelict and fissure forts cries the decline and ruin of the particular sovereignty that how badly they were overwhelmed or took over by another ruler. Many ruling and thriving kingdoms ruined but these forts remained as there mark, these forts are now made as the historical tourist places but the present vista of these forts are more pathetic than ever before as they have became a dustbin. The maintenance is in worst condition only the names of lovers are visible in those imported bricks of wall. Algae are spread all over the pond with the tainted smell and now the forts cries and tells nothing remains forever its true and practical as its of no use now. These forts and palaces which were once been the esteem and royalty of their empire are now just ruined in sand or made museum or lover spots no one is actually understanding their nobility and respect.

Yes the fort tells its tale by own and stands with the chest  high that once was the time I was the strongest and ruled whole heartedly but never spammed  the people living beneath me, but now why I am left in this worst condition that no one asks me?

The reason for the worst condition and abandoning of these forts can be the curse of the prisoners who were made to yowl with tears of blood and were incarcerated there for whole life and some were hanged till death for some or no reason. The curse could be of the workers who died while making those forts.

So this was the tale of almost number of forts which has experienced the apogee and decline but is now in the most evil condition.


Thanks for bringing so many perspectives about forts.

forts are archeological delight.

Happy reading readers

Keep scribbling tinker

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior 


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