Summer Delight

The smile which we find is the summer delight,

The vacation without homework is summer delight,

Visiting to grandma’s house is summer delight,

waking up early and  Go for morning walk is summer delight,

Running through the flower garden and climbing on the mango tree is the summer delight,

Going picnic with family is summer delight,

Playing doctor- doctor and kitchen set with cousins is summer delight,

Listening stories from grand pa is summer delight,

Dancing in rain and running for picking mangoes is summer delight,

Hanging on trees to become tall is summer delight,

Eating and playing with ice cubes is summer delight,

Eating ice creams kept in fridge when elders are asleep  is summer delight,

Preparing ice creams at home is summer delight, 

dancing and laughing without any reason or stress is summer delight,

Spilling water colours on sheets and floor is summer delight, 

Watching cartoons whole day is summer delight,

Playing with water while watering the plants is summer delight,

Sprinkling water from pipe on everyone is summer delight, 

Playing carom, snake ladder and ludo whole night is summer delight, 

Eating sweets without mamma’s scold is summer delight, 

Eating litchis mango and berries is summer delight, 

Trying different shakes and juices are summer delight, 

Doing experiments in cooking is summer delight, 

Sitting on grand pa’s scooter and act as to drive it is summer delight, 

Going temple with grandma and playing in its corridor is summer delight,

Doing camping in backyard is summer delight,

Playing hide and seek in neighbour’s house is summer delight,
This was my childhood my summer delight…..


summer and childhood is best combination…

well written dear👌👌

Keep scribbling shiwi

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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