Travel bug

Sitting on station suddenly platform vibrates

and wagon for my love arrives, 

Yes journey is my love, travelling is my lust, 

my veins fills with excitement and heart fills with peace just by wondering to wander.

Sitting on the window seat leaving the crowd aside, 

enjoying the scene outside, 

Chuckling with the beauty of nature outside, 

Just sitting and exploring these gifts my life completes…

In every passing scene I wonder myself to be there and making my own hidden stories…

Travelling is the addiction which I fond of since childhood….

Listening to others travel experience good or… bad I imagine myself with them…

These roads these scenes these tracks seems like calling me to enjoy them , live them…

These scenes become my companion it shows and explains me hurdle and happiness of life…

It never lets me get bored

These passing tress fields seems like to whisper in my ear and share their feelings

Each one of them explains their different stories

Sometimes train seems like to juggle me,

Sun seems to tease me 

Moon seems to please me

And air seems to wake me………


wow! my tikering soul

Hope you travel the world and write travel diaries..I will then travel readibg your diaries.

Keep tinkering and scribbling shiwi

Happy reading readers

yours loving warrior 


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