Standing on the path having two different directions,

If I go for first road then second will be left unexplored,

And if I choose for second I feel like betraying first one,

But the choice between two roads are curtailing my steps,

I want to explore both roads but that’s not possible,

And choice of anyone will be killing my soul,

So decided to make my own road

I know it’s difficult but not impossible,

Making the road with my rules and choices

The path will be full of thorns and rocks

But by removing them I would learn to handle hurdles of my journey,

And without any dilemma I will follow the path made by my hard work, twinge, sacrifices and bliss………….

And take pleasure in its serene beauty….


This is the oldest delimma I guess….

Frost chose less travelled road.

Harivansh rai bachan said choose one and stick to it .

Me (warrior naina) decided to choose none and stand happily in middle spine and allow the time to choose for me

and now Shiwi says she will travell on one she will make for herself

So, whats your reply…


Keep scribbling Tinkershiwi

Happy reading readers

Yours loving warrior


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